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Traditional Vs. Digital Method
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Traditional Vs. Digital Method


Top of the day greetings to you good people!. Trust you’re having a great week already.

By way of reaching out, let me share some insights that may be useful for your business as you run your strategy meeting for the week.

A client reached out to me last year that his business was suffering from economic and process attacks leading to low sales and profitability, so I had to abandon everything to listen to him with rapt attention since am so passionate about business success.

From our conversation the conclusion was that running a business is never easy, also the COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of dynamics and the way we do business forever.

From our conversation I discovered that all his business process is still traditional, his businesses still do traditional marketing, traditional process, and traditional record-keeping system when business automation is the new normal yet he wants to fly like other businesses that have migrated to the new way (Digital) of doing business. “Doing business the same way and expecting a different result is absolute madness”.

So here is my piece of advice during the consultation. I said In life, methods will keep changing, but the mission remains constant, for example, In the last two centuries, the method of enjoying transportation was through horses, camels, bicycles, etc, but today the means of enjoying transportation has changed to sophisticated vehicles, electric cars, airplanes and metro lines, etc. However, the mission which is transportation still remains.

The methods of listening to music or seeing a movie in the last two decades were through Cassettes, DVDs, CDs, Memory cards, etc., but today from YouTube music, boom play music, Netflix, and other music or movie platforms you can see any movie and listen to any music of choice. The method has changed, but the mission of listening to music and seeing a movie still remains. So also many ways of doing business and the business strategies that worked last two years will not work again. Things have changed!

The year 2020 was very challenging for many businesses, presenting business owners with an unprecedented set of circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic caused major disruptions to our business ideology. Many struggling businesses were forced to drop the old methods of doing business, yet some businesses refused to follow the new ways.

If you’re still advertising your products, keeping your records manually, and yet to automate your business process, it means you’re still following the old method. If another unplanned circumstance struck, your business is not immune and the chances of survival are very slim.
Start with little things like moving your manual/daily sales book to a digital method of recording.

I am inviting you to try Saleslog - the beautiful and very simple digital sales book I use to manage my business for just ₦1,000.

Use my link below to sign up

From the Saleslog Team!

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Rise! It's Time To Set New Records & Shatter Old Ones

Rise! It's Time To Set New Records & Shatter Old Ones

On the first day of this year, my dry cleaner requested to see m...More

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