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Our automated tagging and valuation service is designed to give you the most accurate values of your assets so you can sell them off at the best prices or raise the right amount of funding.
Our clients rely on us for accuracy and experience.

Imagine you're with a lender and get asked for collateral. Of course, you will need to know how much your assets are worth in order for you to successfully raise funds. Whether they're applying for a loan or selling off their assets, our asset tagging and valuation service provides an extensive compendium of specialty practices covering tangible and intangible assets. Regardless of asset location, project size or complexity we respond quickly to give you accurate results.

Our services include: accounts receivable, product inventory, enterprise valuations, investment portfolio valuations, tangible and intangible asset appraisals, and valuations for tax reporting, financial reporting, accounting and compliance requirements

Why choose us?
Automated asset capturing and valuation

There are several asset managers out there but none of them gives you a holistic view of your assets like AstuutRFI Asset Manager. We combine our software, developed from years of research, with asset coding technology to give you asset data that is easily understood by your accounting and non-accounting staff.

Our service comes with: automatic asset depreciation calculations, unlimited software users, asset auto-categorization, staff access control, and barcode tags.

We'll help you know how much your business is worth

With a combination of our software, Asset Manager and our accounting expertise, we're able give insights into what your business is worth so it's easier to obtain funding from lenders and financial organizations, and ensure your business can grow strategically and acquire assets at the right time.

Monitor the conditions and locations of your business assets per time

Perhaps, you may want to lease, sell or auction off the same assets in future, we'll help track the true market value of your assets as well as their current conditions so you can get maximum profit from their sale.

We won't stop there. We will also help reduce the risk of your items getting missing by tracking their movements from location-to-location within your business premises.

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