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We'll minimize your tax burden and simplify tax payments so you can maximize after-tax profits.
Business is tough enough.
Paying taxes doesn't have to be another burden.

Your business, professional, personal, and family goals are affected by taxes. We understand the frustration and anxiety caused by the thought of complying with ever-changing, complicated tax laws. More importantly, we help minimize confusion, risks and liabilities while maximizing opportunities with our tax planning services. We work with tax authorities to help our clients navigate the intricacies of multiple taxation systems, and apply them to their advantage.

First, we seek to understand if the tax assistance you need is routine, strategic, or prompted by a major milestone event. Then, we’ll focus on and thoroughly grasp all aspects of your unique situation so that your business pays only the necessary taxes while avoiding heavy tax penalties. Our service to you is never complete until we minimize your tax burden and maximize your after-tax profitability.

Our integrity in handling tax matters ensures our clients entrust us with the most confidential parts of their business finances – and send us referrals in appreciation of our innovative approach to handling their taxes.

Tax burdens we help to reduce
Company Income Taxes

The objectives of our tax advisory services are to ensure that any tax liability in your annual audited accounts is correctly stated, and to facilitate the process of obtaining your company's tax clearance. We help to compute your annual company capital allowances and tax liabilities, file your annual returns to relevant tax authorities, and obtain your tax clearance certificates.

Our service to you also covers retrieval of your withholding tax (WHT) certificates and the processing of your certificate of acceptance for all capital expenditure so you're able to claim capital allowance.

Transaction Taxes

The law requires all businesses operating in Nigeria to register for and to charge VAT (Value Added Tax) on all transactions, and to remit this tax to the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) each month. Certain business types have also been mandated to deduct Withholding Tax (WHT) on behalf of the Government at the point of paying their vendors. Our service, in this regard, is to help you understand when to apply these taxes and avoid incurring heavy tax fines relating to flouting the law by ensuring proper documentation is done for the timely remittances of your VAT and WHT.

Our transaction tax compliance service covers: filing of monthly VAT returns, claiming refunds on VAT where applicable, liaising with tax officials to resolve any VAT issues, computation and review of monthly WHT deductions against payment vouchers, advice on WHT payable, and guiding designated staff on the preparation of necessary tax documents.

Personal Income Tax

Our personal taxation services are geared toward ensuring that your employees only pay the minimum possible taxes (PAYE) through innovative income distribution schemes.

Additionally, our employee personal income taxation service covers: salary structuring and PAYE tax planning, company registration with the relevant state Tax Office for the purpose of PAYE, obtaining employee personal income tax forms and remittance cards, computing the correct amount of tax payable by each employee and remitting same, obtaining tax clearance certificates for employees, filing of company Directors' annual returns and the processing of their Tax Clearance Certificates.

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