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Every year, we save our clients over US$340,000* in inventory theft. Your business could be next.
* Using the official exchange rate of NGN440 to US$1.
No other consulting outfit
focuses on reducing inventory theft like we do.

The reason we are not liked by potentially fraudulent staff is because we are super-efficient at predicting in-store theft before it happens. Whether it is through our Retail Store Application (Partner for Supermarkets) or our regular inventory audit, we are able to analyze, using data, some accounting magic and of course, experience gained over the years, to checkmate any sign of pilfering.

We are not only hard on theft, we also care about how your store makes money. Which is why we have perfected the sciences of in-store promotions and stock optimization in order to keep your customers coming back.

Our methods ensure you gain maximum returns on your investment while you remain in full control of your store.

Why trust us with your store?
Absolute control over your store from anywhere you are

With our custom retail software, we are able to capture information relating to inventory usage, sales, product expiry etc., and make this information available to you as a daily report anywhere you are.

It is possible for staff to by-pass the software so, it is our usual practice to attach a dedicated accountant (or retail analyst) to your store to ensure what's on the application tallies with what's recorded in the store.

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Supply pricing review to make more cash available to you

It is tempting to stock as much variety as possible but inventory is cash tied down, and every inch of shelf space is precious. While some products will sell fast, others don't do that well. In this case, it is smart to re-negotiate the supply terms of some of your slow-moving products with your suppliers.

Through an analysis of stock movement and market research, we are able to review with precision, the prices some of the products you have on shelf. This ensures that your fastest-selling products are always in stock while less of the slowest-moving stock is kept.

Store audits to keep in-store theft to a minimum

It is obvious we're big on fighting in-store theft. That's because in-store theft costs retail businesses over NGN3 billion annually indicating nearly all retail businesses are susceptible to pilfering. It is our duty to help your business stay vigilant.

We combat theft through our store audits. These audits ensure your books are put in order and proper stock count is taken to prevent stock disparities. For a small fee, we are able to carry out store audits at regular intervals.

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