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The app that beautifully organizes all your sales notebooks in one easily accessible place.
Saleslog is like your sales record notebook but better. Much better!

Saleslog is a powerful business tool designed for anyone who still uses a paper notebook to keep their sales records.

Because it is designed with simplicity in mind, Saleslog will help your business transition easily from manual to digital record-keeping. No risk or additional expenses involved. So, whether you run a fast-food joint or trade medical consumables, Saleslog helps you to keep track of how quickly your business revenue is growing in real time.

Basic Accounting + Expense tracking

Saleslog comes with basic accounting and an expense tracker that are so easy to understand, even a 10 year-old can start using it in a matter of minutes. What's even better is that you can definitely use Saleslog on your phone just like you can on a laptop.

Print & share receipts on the go

Generate receipts and print them out on a POS printer, download your receipts as PDF files, or share them with your customers on WhatsApp.

The choice is yours.

Add multiple users

Choose who to share you business information with.

Depending on your selected plan, you can allow several users or staff to access your record or view your sales books.

Monitor transactions in real time

Saleslog gives you absolute control. View your sales transactions as they are happening from anywhere you are.

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